Delve even deeper into yoga as a holistic system with Rowena Johnson in Andalusia


6th -12th of September 2020


from 820 Euros



  • 7 Days in Andalusia at the Beach
  • 6 Nights Accommodation in Casa Erica
  • Meditation, Chanting & Pranayama
  • Open Sky Jivamukti Yoga
  • Workshop Style Afternoon Classes
  • Asana Workshop to Explore Questions & Techniques for Specific Poses
  • Inspiring Vegan Food
  • Hike, Massages & Smoothies (exclusive)

LEVEL: Intermediate +

  • This retreat is recommended for those who have at least one year of experience in practicing yoga asana.



“You cannot do yoga. Yoga is your natural state. What you can do are yoga exercises, which may reveal to you where you are resisting your natural state.” Sharon Gannon. Jivamukti Yoga Co-founder.

What is advanced yoga? For many the mind will automatically conjure up images of individuals in contorted asanas.
However when we reflect upon the meaning of the word “yoga”, which is union, it becomes clear that an advanced yoga practice cannot simply be about ones ability to access a complex asana. If that were the case then a gymnast or dancer would automatically be a yogi, and visa versa.
During this week long retreat we will explore the depths of an advanced yoga practice: Breath, Bandha, Drishti, Asana, and most importantly - Intention.


Asana practice will play a key role. We will examine how even the seemingly simple asanas have physical layers upon layers, through which one can advance. And how these “simple” asanas are in fact gateway poses for developing our physiological understanding of what appear to be more complex asanas.
We will discuss the relationship between asana and intention. Between breath and the awakening of our full consciousness. Exploring the layers upon layers of consciousnesses through which one can advance to our natural state, with grace.
Each morning will start with chanting, meditation & pranayama, followed by a deep & purposeful asana practice. The afternoons will be a mixture of workshops designed to explore specific aspects of the practice in more detail. Participants can expect a focus on alignment accompanied with mindful assists.

Rowena Johnson

Jivamukti &
Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Rowena Johnson is a certified Jivamukti teacher and has been practicing yoga asana since 2008. What began as physical pursuit, soon developed into a deeper awareness of body, mind and spirit. She became curious about the history, physiology and philosophy of this practice and began to explore this curiosity through various workshops, retreats, and the completion of her first teacher training in India. Since then she has gone on teach in the UK, Central and South America, and as a main teacher on a 200hr & 300hr Yoga Teacher Training Course in India.

Rowena believes in the importance of being a student first and foremost, which has led her to further her study of Ashtanga yoga under the guidance of Sharath Jois at KPJAYI in Mysore and Jivamukti under the guidance of David Life, Anja Kuehnel & Rima Rani Rabbath in Costa Rica. Rowena currently lives in Berlin and is a resident teacher at Jivamukti Yoga Berlin. go to Rowenas website



A typical Retreat Day

08.00 am Pre Yoga Bites, Tea & Coffee
08.30 am Chanting & Meditation
09.00 am Jivamukti Yoga (120 min)
11.00 am Brunch Buffet
02.30 pm Light Lunch
05.30 pm Yoga / Workshops
07.30 pm Dinner


Evening: Opening Ceremony
Optional Hike in the nearby Stunning Cliffs of Maro (35€/person).
after brunch: Farmers Market
Closing Ceremony & Pizza Night

Arrival & Departure Information

from 1.00 pm Check- In
2.30 pm Light lunch
5.30 pm Yoga
7.45 pm Dinner
9.30 pm Opening Circle

09.30 am Breakfast
until 11.00 am Check- Out & Departure

Arrival: Earliest transfer from Málaga Airport to Casa Erica is at 12am, 3 times daily, optional and exclusive 20€ per person and direction.
Departure: Transfer from 8am till 11am.
You can also reach Casa Erica by public transport (takes about 2 hours).
more about how to get there


Retreat Treats
Made with Love

We cook a creative, plant- based menu and we are keen of trying new things. It is important to us to use ingredients which are nourishing and at the same time not harming any animal or our environment.
More Impressions of the Food


Happy Place
& Retreat Venue

Surrounded by mountains and sea, Casa Erica is very peaceful and idyllic located on the coast of Andalusia, between Málaga and Nerja.There are no disturbing neighbors or street noise. It's only a 800m walk to the beach.
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