Ground and float through a liberating week with Atypicalyogini in Andalusia


15th -21st of September 2019


from 745 Euros



  • 7 Days in Andalusia at the Beach
  • 6 Nights Accommodation in Casa Erica
  • Meditation Walks & Open Sky Yoga Class in the morning
  • Ecstatic Rise & Dance Sessions
  • Workshop Style Yoga Classes in the afternoon
  • Sound, Meditation & Yoga Nidra
  • Inspiring Vegan Food
  • Hike, Massages & Smoothies (exclusive)


  • English


  • All levels from Yoga beginners to experienced Yogis are welcome.


5 years of letting the wind and yoga world take her where it may, Roxy arrived home & learned the source is inside. As your guide, she provides a space for you to play, explore and create. Judgement and expectation are out the window and you are free to be.
At this raw place of honesty and acceptance is where you go deep, shed old stale layers of the self, set intention from the heart and feed the creativity of your true nature.

Roxy's yoga style fuses influences of Vinyasa, Hatha, & Yin. A cohesive practice that will charge & strengthen your body & mind, as well as put you it into a deep state of relaxation & healing.


We will start our days with different ways of movement, imagine a meditation walk or an energetic dance session just before the yoga practice in the open sky yoga shala. The afternoon classes are usually held in workshop style.

We invite you to a week of fueling your creative juices & exploring several outlets of expression. No extensive knowledge or level of yoga is necessary for this retreat. You will cover basics from day one to ensure that you are getting the most out of the whole experience. Expect to play, to dance, to learn, to be taken out of your comfort zone & explore different sides of yourself. Also expect nights of soothing sounds, yin yoga, & yoga Nidra.

Roxy Caicedo

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher

5 years of letting the wind and yoga world take her way it may, Roxy has found her niche and calling. She holds 500hr + certifications in Hot, Vinyasa, & Yin Yoga. From New York to India to Thailand to Berlin to Sweden & back to the States, she has recently opened up her own studio in New Jersey.

As your guide, Roxy provides a space for you to play, explore and create on & off your yoga matt. Roxys yoga style fuses influences of Vinyasa, Hatha, & Yin into a cohesive practice that will charge & strengthen your body & mind, as well as put you it into deep states of relaxation & healing.

Above all else, Roxy aims to help others. She truly believes Yoga can be of aid to anyone and everyone. With yoga and meditation she guides her students through self analysis without judgement. She creates a space where you are comfortable to be yourself, and feel good about it.

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A typical Retreat Day

07.30 am Pre Yoga Bites, Tea & Coffee
08.30 am Ecstatic Rise & Dance
09.00 am Awakening Shakti Yoga
11.00 am Brunch Buffet
03.00 pm Light Lunch
05.00 pm Yoga / Workshops
07.00 pm Dinner


Evening: Opening Ceremony
Evening:Yoga Nidra
Optional Hike in the nearby Stunning Cliffs of Maro (35€/person).
after brunch: Farmers Market
Evening: Pizza Night, Closing Ceremony & Dance

Arrival & Departure Information

from 1.00 pm Check- In
2.30 pm Light lunch
5.30 pm Yoga
7.45 pm Dinner
9.30 pm Opening Circle

09.30 am Breakfast
until 12.00 am Check- Out & Departure

Arrival: First transfer from Málaga Airport to Casa Erica is at 12am, 3 times daily, optional and exclusive 20€ per person and direction.
Departure: Transfer from 8am till 12am.
You can also reach Casa Erica by public transport (takes about 2 hours).
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Retreat Treats
Made with Love

We cook a creative, plant- based menu and we are keen of trying new things. It is important to us to use ingredients which are nourishing and at the same time not harming any animal or our environment.
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Happy Place
& Retreat Venue

Surrounded by mountains and sea, Casa Erica is very peaceful and idyllic located on the coast of Andalusia, between Málaga and Nerja.There are no disturbing neighbors or street noise. It's only a 800m walk to the beach.
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