This Detox Yoga Retreat is intended to stimulate the detoxification process and want to be an inspiration. Awaken your body out of hibernation and do him good – even after the retreat.

It still requires some imagination, but the days are already getting longer and sometimes you can already feel the spring. In this Detox Yoga Retreat we want to use the energy of the sun, the sea and of course our yoga practice to eliminate the accumulated during the winter toxins from our body.

We place particular emphasis on a comprehensive approach of body, mind and soul. To clean on a physical level, we use simple and effective techniques meditation, breath work, yoga and the healing properties of whole foods and naturally fresh herbs.


ANTJE has a passion for yoga 2003 Yoga Studio Vishnu discovered couch, where she completed her training in 2006. Many great yoga teachers such as the founder of Vishnu’s couch, David Lurey, Yogeswari, Patrick Broome and Bryan Kest have accompanied and inspired in their path. Special grateful she is Ganesh Mohan and Dr. Günter Niessen, who accompanied by her three-year-old yoga therapy training and lasting impact.

Antje wants to convey in their hours, the strength, joy and energy that they experience daily through yoga. She teaches in various yoga studios, gyms, businesses, and in the summer outside in the park.

More Info about Antje on her Homepage.

DETOXING To promote detoxification we use special cleaning techniques from yoga: the flowing movements in Vinyasa Flow Yoga bring the entire cardiovascular system going. We promote the detoxification process in addition to selected asanas stimulate blood flow and thus the efficiency of the institutions involved in the detoxification process. Our mind will strengthen Yoga Nidra and cleaned pranayamas and mudras and deepening meditation.

NUTRITION Yogis recommend a simple diet that is rich in prana (vital energy). This week, especially much Basisches will come to the table so that your body is nourished on deeper level and can regenerate. You’ll see how varied and tasty can be a balanced vegetarian / vegan diet. This form of nutritional support your body next to the yoga practice in detoxification.
JUICE FASTING On Tuesday, all participants have the opportunity to enjoy  freshly prepared vegetable and fruit juices instead of solid food. The Juice fasting is a mild form of therapeutic fasting and assists the body in detoxifying. You can decide on the spot whether you accept this offer.


08.30 Silent Walk
09.00 Yoga (90 min.)
11.00 Brunch
17.00 Yoga/Meditation (90 min)*
19.00 Dinner
* four evennings

No yoga classes on wednesday: in the morning we have a big breakfast together and in the evening we will be waiting for you with a BBQ night.
No yoga on arrival and departure days. On arrival day we will be waiting for you with dinner, on departure day we will have the last breakfast.

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