Practice Rocket Yoga in a safe & effective way, learn tools to calm the mind and awake your feeling body.

Rocket Yoga was developed by Larry Schultz in the 1980’s. It is rooted in the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition and takes poses from primary, second, and third series of Ashtanga. Rocket Yoga is a dynamic and fast-paced flow of yoga which will (that’s where the name comes from) “will get you there faster”.

The Rocket consists of three fun and freeing sequences of asanas, including several opportunities to attempt inversions and arm balances. The Rocket allows you to be yourself, to let go of any expectations, and just enjoy the ride.

You will learn about the three main aspects of the practice: breath, bandas and drishti. We will focus on the sensations to connect with your inner body and shut the talking mind.



About the Rocket Yoga Retreat

We are going to start the days with silent walks which will bring more awareness to your body and mind. Casa Erica is surrounded by beautiful nature which will be our scenery for the walks. One morning we will start the day with a walk to the beach and a sunrise meditation. Afterwards we start our Rocket Yoga Practice.

In the afternoons we will focus on the importance of alignment of the body in the Asanas, some balance and strength poses. As well we will learn some tools to go deeper on your personal practice.


About the teacher

 Marta is certified by the International Yoga Alliance, and teaches Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket Yoga® classes. Focusing on the self-realization, the control of the mind, and also on understanding life on its physical, mental and spiritual level.
rocket yoga retreat
“My goal as a yoga instructor is to help students to connect with their own breathing, gain body awareness, gain mental and physical strength, flexibility and elasticity.”


Marta is born on Gran Canaria and returned back to the island after a few years of living in England, Barcelona, Madrid and Berlin. Upon returning to the island, her focus became more introspective and she found in Yoga her way to connect with the inner body.

Yoga fascinated her so much that she decided to do a teacher training.

What do you need to participate in this Retreat? Marta: “Come with an open mind. Be ready to discover the best version of you. Keep doing your Ashtanga or Vinyasa practice until we meet in September.”

More about Marta León on her facebook page. Also check out Marta’s Youtube Channel.



Little introduction to Rocket Yoga by Larry Schultz:



About the place

Free time can be spend to discover the surrounding nature, sun bathing at the beach or at the pool with your fellow yogis or maybe you feel like getting a massage on our beautiful terrace. Between the brunch and the afternoon yoga session there is time for all that. If you are getting a bit hungry you can order a Smoothie or another snack. On Wednesday you have all day to explore one of the surrounding andalusian cities, such as Granada, Málaga or the beautiful village of Nerja. More Impressions about WHAT TO DO here.



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