This retreat will take you on a soul soothing journey through the elements, using yoga, Ayurveda and nature to help balance and harmonise your whole being.

A dynamic morning practice will be offered to build strength and stability, for greater comfort and flexibility, in a way that is explorative, playful and fun. Each day we will discover the elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air/Space together for increased health and vitality.

An introduction to Ayurveda with be part of the program, so you can begin to understand and connect with your true nature. You’ll learn how to look after yourself well according to this ancient tradition as we review the right diet, lifestyle and yoga practice for you. You’ll discover how to make small changes that make a big difference on every level of mind, body and soul.

In the afternoons we will come together beneath the Andalusian sun for restorative yoga that will help you to relax deeply.

Vinyasa Flow
Ashtanga Yoga
Yin Yoga
Teaching language english


About the Yoga

My Vinyasa Flow classes are dynamic and reinvigorating, intended to cultivate freedom in mindful movement as the path to finding stillness and reconnecting with the self.

My Ashtanga inspired classes call upon the fundamentals of breath, bandha and dristi and offer more structured sequencing, providing you with a solid framework through which you can explore and progress your practice. 

My Restorative Yin classes are an opportunity to slow down and tune in. They provide you with the chance to cultivate qualities of softness, clarity and calm.” (Katherine)

About the instructor

KATHERINE teaches yoga with sensitivity and insight. Her classes are playful and purposeful, inviting a healthy amount of curiosity and challenge without heaviness.  She provides students with a safe, nourishing space to explore and experience yoga by focusing on personal attention, alignment, adjustments and modifications that make practice available to you in a way that is safe and un-intimidating.

Her own yoga journey began as a way of dealing with the challenges of modern day life with a little more grace and humility. What started as a part-time curiosity developed into the sweetest adventure as it began to make her hungry for something that called from elsewhere.   

Kat circled the globe, indulging her love of travel and seeking out new experiences and esteemed teachers, predominately from the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition, that would later inform the teacher she would become.

It was while she was living in India that she was introduced to Ayurveda and how to use it as a framework for interpreting students individual needs in order to teach them on a more personal, therapeutic basis.

To find out more about Kat visit her Website.


About the place

Free time can be spend to discover the surrounding nature, sun bathing at the beach or at the pool with your fellow yogis or maybe you feel like getting a massage on our beautiful terrace. Between the brunch and the afternoon yoga session there is time for all that. If you are getting a bit hungry you can order a Smoothie or another snack. On Wednesday you have all day to explore one of the surrounding andalusian cities, such as Granada, Málaga or the beautiful village of Nerja. More Impressions about WHAT TO DO here.



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