Yoga & Ayurveda,two complementary and pervasive systems with more than 5,000 years old Vedic roots

The union of these two sciences brings forth a system of healing for physical, mental and spiritual health and happiness.

The knowledge of the bioenergy (doshas) and their properties is the basis of what is referred to in Ayurveda as a constitution. Everyone possesses all three doshas, but in different proportions.

Yoga helps you to keep the doshas in balance. A balanced dosha makes you happy and healthy while an imbalance causes disturbances in well-being. With the knowledge of these Ayurvedic principles yoga practice can be effectively used to balance the doshas and thus designed to maintain health .

Vinyasa Flow
Hatha Yoga
Yin Yoga
Acro Yoga
Classes in English


About the Yoga

The vinyasa flow morning classes will wake and warm up your body. The afternoon sessions will be a great mix of yin yoga, acro yoga and more.

The language of instruction will be English, but Mareille also speaks Dutch and a little German.

° Monday °
Early. vinyasa flow yoga
Late. yin yoga

° Tuesday °
Early. vinyasa flow yoga
Late. meditation, workshop: What is Ayurveda and which dosha am I?

° Wednesday °
Early. vatha yoga class

° Thursday °
Early. pitta yoga class
Late. ayurvedic massage

° Friday °
Early. kapha yoga class
Late. yoga nidra

There will be no yoga on arrival and departure days. On arrival day we will be waiting for you with our first dinner, on departure day we will have a last breakfast in Casa Erica.

This Retreat is for beginners, but also suitable for those who are looking for more depth and background in their yoga practice.


About the teacher

MAREILLE completed her 200 hours TT with David Lurey in Brazil in 2012. In addition she learned the magic of the practice of Yin Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage to know that she uses as a perfect companion to her yoga practice. Mareilles classes are a nice blend of Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Yin. We will learn to respect our boundaries and accept, as we listen to the rhythm of our breath. Mareille is a very accessible teacher. It is easy to follow. Her classes are suitable for all levels.

Mareille has worked in many different surf camps in Spain and Morocco. But at the moment she is mainly in Amsterdam, her hometown, where she teaches. For more information about Mareille please see her website.

Photos from the last Retreat with Mareille in our Gallery.


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