A Retreat for the fearless, curious child within you


30th of May - 5th of June 2021

6th - 12th of June 2021


from 875€



  • 7 Days in Andalusia at the Beach
  • 6 Nights Accommodation in Casa Erica
  • Open Sky Yoga Shala
  • Vinyasa, Hatha & Yin inspired Yoga Classes
  • Meditation
  • Optional group running
  • Inspiring Vegan Food
  • Hike, Massages & Smoothies (exclusive)


  • All levels from Yoga beginners to experienced Yogis are welcome.


  • English


As adults, we don’t give ourselves a lot of time to be playful. There’s no recess, no break time. Our daily lives and routines often result in us merely ‘functioning’. We do, we give, we strive… and then we run out of time.

Well, now it’s your turn to play. This yoga retreat is for the fearless, curious child within you. Each element is designed to harness your creativity and unleash boundless joy! Whether you choose to take part in just the yoga classes or want to get involved with the art workshops too, you can count on getting lots of ‘play time’.

In the safe space of the group, yoga teacher Katie will lead you through a series of creative and powerful vinyasa flows – breaking the movement patterns your body has become accustomed to. Against a backdrop of sound, you’ll move in ways your body hasn’t known since childhood.


You’ll also spend time with your ‘monkey mind’ – and in doing so, discover that the endless chatter can, in fact, be worth listening to. There’s space for all our emotions and thoughts, and on this retreat, we will learn how to use them beneficially, through deep relaxation and different forms of meditation.

In addition to daily yoga and meditation sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to awaken ‘the artist within’, with three optional workshops: collage, intuitive painting, and macramé. These activities are open to absolutely everyone - no experience is necessary, because there are no mistakes to be made!

In a relaxed state of mind and with time to ourselves, creativity can grow - and then extend its glittery fingers to all areas of our lives! Let this retreat inspire you to give yourself more ‘play time’.

Katie LaFolle

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher &

Katie is an artist and a yoga teacher. Born and raised in Vienna, Katie studied dancing, singing and acting having found joy in movement and body work at a young age. The first time she discovered Hatha Yoga, she was fascinated by the impact it had on her body and her sometimes restless mind. Simple postures helped her to heal her strong back pain and yoga became part of her daily routine. Vinyasa Yoga was later the style she discovered for herself in Viennas Yoga studios. Inspired by different teachers and schools,



Katie went to India for her teacher training. Deeply moved, she dived into anatomy, meditation and breathwork as well as the philosophical components. Yoga for her is a way of self-discovery, sensory awareness and perception. Katie is also a Kabarettist and plays and sings whenever she has time for it. She leads her popular yoga classes with a lot of empathy and her pleasant voice.


Olga Bo

Architect (M.Sc.) &
Macrame Artist

Olga Bo is a Belarusian-born artist living and working in sunny Barcelona. Olga is the founder of a small fiber art brand 'Olga Bo Studio' where she is the maker and boss rolled into one. Olga organizes workshops, likes travelling and dreams of opening a creative studio for adults and kids.



Currently Olga works mostly with local materials such as wood, cotton rope and thread of natural colors in macramé technique. Her wall art is unique and fully handcrafted. The art work reflects her vision of the surrounding world as well as her internal emotions and experience.



3 Workshops 80€
1 or 2 Workshops: 30€/each
The Workshops are optional.

Art Workshops

For those who wish to fully immerse themselves in the creative experience, there are 3 optional workshops, run by architect and artist, Olga Bo: Collage, Intuitive Painting & Drawing, and Macramé.

These diverse sessions are intended to complement the playfulness of the yoga classes, to foster unbridled self-expression and raise creative energy!
Each workshop is a holistic experience in and of itself, and you are very welcome to attend just one (or none!). Of course, we would encourage you to join in as many as possible, as this will not only allow you to enjoy three very different creative techniques, but enhance your experience of the retreat overall, too.
Materials are provided and each workshop lasts between 2 and 3 hours. No previous experience is necessary (our wise souls know what to do).

A typical Retreat day

07.30 am Pre Yoga Bites, Tea & Coffee
08.30 am Yoga & Meditation (105 min)
10.30 am Brunch Buffet
03.00 pm Light Lunch
05.00 pm Yoga (90 min)
07.00 pm Dinner


Evening: Opening Ceremony
Optional Hike in the nearby Stunning Cliffs of Maro (35€/person).
after brunch: Farmers Market
Evening: Pizza Night, Closing Ceremony & Dance

Arrival & Departure Information

from 1.00 pm Check- In
2.30 pm Light lunch
5.30 pm Yoga
7.45 pm Dinner
9.30 pm Opening Circle

09.30 am Breakfast
until 11.00 am Check- Out & Departure

Arrival: First transfer from Málaga Airport to Casa Erica is at 12am, 3 times daily, optional and exclusive 20€ per person and direction.
Departure: Transfer from 8am till 11am.
You can also reach Casa Erica by public transport (takes about 2 hours).

Prices from 875€


Retreat Treats
Made with Love

We cook a creative, plant- based menu and we are keen of trying new things. It is important to us to use ingredients which are nourishing and at the same time not harming any animal or our environment.


Happy Place
& Retreat Venue

Surrounded by mountains and sea, Casa Erica is very peaceful and idyllic located on the coast of Andalusia, between Málaga and Nerja.There are no disturbing neighbors or street noise. It's only a 800m walk to the beach.