18th -24th of October 2020


from 870 Euros



  • 7 Days in Andalusia at the Beach
  • 6 Nights Accommodation in Casa Erica
  • Open Sky Yoga Classes in the morning
  • Ecstatic Rise & Dance Sessions
  • 2h Sound Journey
  • Afternoon Cacao Workshop
  • 2h Ecstatic Dance w/ DJ & Cacao Ceremony
  • Sound, Meditation & Yin Yoga
  • Inspiring Vegan Food
  • Massages & Smoothies (exclusive)


LEVEL: All levels


This might just be the most divine and carefree week of your life. Over seven days, we’ll tread lightly and joyfully, bottling the magic of early mornings spent in nature, blending complimentary styles of yoga, experiencing self-transcendence through Ecstatic Dance, tuning into the frequencies of sacred sound, and connecting to the compassionate heart with cacao.
Our days will begin with a soothing meditation or silent walk, followed by an energising and healing vinyasa yoga practice in the open sky shala. Some days, we’ll then take the energy of our practice off our mats and onto the dance floor and continue to enjoy the sense of freedom and openness we’ve created in our bodies.
As the shadows grow long in the afternoons, we’ll gather for a series of workshop-style sessions that capitalise on this still and steady portion of the day. We’ll sink into long-held yin postures that invite our minds to become quiet and reflective,


travel the world on an enchanting journey through sound, led by Joaquin Sabate, and experience the euphoric effects of ceremonial cacao, an ancient medicine that connects us to our pure heart energy.
Then we’ll dance – with abandon and without judgement! ‘Ecstatic Dance’ provides space for a conscious and sober experience, without the distraction of phones or talking, and this liberating atmosphere promotes total freedom of expression, enabling us to enter a trance-like state that truly connects us with ourselves and those around us. You have to experience it to believe it.
No extensive knowledge or level of yoga or dance is necessary for this retreat – just a curious mind and a willingness to try new things. Expect to play, move and learn, to go beyond the norms and conventions that often hold us back, and to experience a profound sense of joy and interconnectedness.

Roxy Caicedo

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher
& Dance Guide

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher & Dance Guide Five years of letting the wind and yoga world take her where it may, Roxy has found her niche and calling. She holds 500hr + certifications in hot, vinyasa, and yin yoga.
Having taught in all corners of the globe, from New York and India to Thailand, Berlin and Sweden, she has recently returned to the States to open her own studio in New Jersey.
As she guides you through your yoga practice, Roxy provides a space for you to play, explore and create - both on and off your mat. Roxy brings together elements of vinyasa, hatha, & yin yoga, to create a holistic practice that charges and strengthens your body and mind, whilst putting you into a deep state of relaxation and healing.
Above all else, Roxy aims to help others. She truly believes yoga can be of help to anyone and everyone. With yoga and meditation, she guides her students through self-analysis without judgement. She creates a space where you are comfortable to be yourself and feel good about it.

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Joaquin Sabate

Event & DJ Producer
Sacred Space Holder

Joaquin was born in a rural Argentinian town in 1989. After completing his creative studies in Buenos Aires, he set off on a worldwide adventure, collecting experiences in meditation, anthropology and plant medicine. During this time, his love for music led him to Ecstatic Dance, where he found himself in deep spiritual awakening.
In 2017, Joaquin brought together all his experiences and influences, founding the 'House of the Rising Mojo', an artistic community by the sea in Portugal, where the arts, yoga and ceremonial traditions are wholly embraced and meaningfully combined. As a musician, Joaquin combines pre-Columbian shamanic sounds from the Americas and Africa, to paint eastern landscapes and invoke yogic and oriental wisdom through sound. In this way, he unites the world and its diverse cultures to create a sound journey where you are free to go anywhere.
Joaquin understands the transmission of wisdom as key for the evolution of our souls, and the connection with our hearts as our most sacred gift.

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A typical Retreat Day

07.30 am Pre Yoga Bites, Tea & Coffee
08.30 am Meditation or Ecstatic Rise & Dance
09.00 am Vinyasa Flow Yoga
11.00 am Brunch Buffet
02.30 pm Light Lunch
05.30 pm Yoga / Workshops
07.30 pm Dinner


Evening: Opening Circle
Yoga Nidra
2h Sounds Journey
Cacao Workshop
2h Ecstatic Dance with DJ
Closing Circle & Pizza Night

Arrival & Departure Information

from 1.00 pm Check- In
2.30 pm Light lunch
5.30 pm Yoga
7.30 pm Dinner
9.30 pm Opening Circle

09.30 am Breakfast
until 11.00 am Check- Out & Departure

Arrival: First transfer from Málaga Airport to Casa Erica is at 12am, 3 times daily, optional and exclusive 20€ per person and direction.
Departure: Transfer from 8am till 11am.
You can also reach Casa Erica by public transport (takes about 1.5 hours).
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Retreat Treats
Made with Love

We cook a creative, plant- based menu and we are keen of trying new things. It is important to us to use ingredients which are nourishing and at the same time not harming any animal or our environment.
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Happy Place
& Retreat Venue

Surrounded by mountains and sea, Casa Erica is very peaceful and idyllic located on the coast of Andalusia, between Málaga and Nerja.There are no disturbing neighbors or street noise. It's only a 800m walk to the beach.
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