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19th- 26th of September 2020


from 985 Euros


About the place

This place feels so undisturbed, like something from a dream or a much-loved book. Tucked among the olive groves and rolling green hills of central Italy, it doesn’t seem possible that ‘In Sabina’ is less than an hour’s drive from the crowded streets of Rome.


With lush, abundant grounds of its own, along with a natural spring and a magnificent wooden yoga platform which overlooks the valley below, this is a truly magical place that’s ideal for spiritual practice, slowing down, and plunging oneself into nature.


The experience doesn’t stop when you close the door on the outside world either, with the rooms inside the two restored 17th century stone buildings decorated in a simple, natural style. Inside or out, this is a place where guests are truly embraced by Mother Nature.

About this week

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through social media, when it was never your intention? Arriving somewhere and then realising you don’t remember anything about the journey – even if it was you who was driving? Or having gobbled up a packet of biscuits without enjoying the taste of any of them?

Each day, we are subjected to a sensory onslaught of noise, drama and information... Our attention is constantly pulled from one thing to another. Over time, we lose control over our senses. We lose the power to choose how we respond to what’s going on around us. And we lose our connection to the peace that exists within all of us – the peace that connects us to each other, the unity, the yoga!


In this retreat, under the guidance of your teacher, Fleur van Hille, you will re-claim your ability to withdraw from sensory distractions and tune into your peaceful inner world so that you can relax, replenish and operate with intention - avoiding the highs and lows that come with actions born out of desire and reflex.
Each day, you will have the opportunity to take part in yoga and pranayama sessions that have been specially designed to help you increase your sense of stillness and turn your focus inward.
In a nutshell, this is a retreat for anyone who wants to switch off the ‘noise’ and truly experience the joy of being alive. As the Irish poet and playwright, Oscar Wilde, said, “Nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul.”


There’ll also be plenty of time to visit the area’s tiny ancient villages, join in a ceramic workshop, and simply enjoy being our truest selves among like-minded souls.
This week we will create an environment where everybody feels welcome, part of the community, and encouraged to be oneself, in order to get out of the daily routine and arrive in the present moment.

Teaching Language: english

Level: All levels from Yoga beginners to experienced Yogis are welcome.


Vinyasa Flow &
Mantra Lover

It is said that ‘when the student is ready the teacher appears’, and this was certainly the case for Fleur van Hille. In 2009, Fleur suddenly felt compelled to travel to India to attend a yoga teacher training she’d seen advertised – despite never having ever practiced yoga before! Soothed, enchanted and inspired by everything from the philosophy to the physical practices she was taught on the course, Fleur left her professional dance career behind and embarked on further yoga teacher trainings in her hometown of Amsterdam, and in New York.



Since then, she has delivered classes and workshops at studios around the world and led numerous retreats, sharing various aspects of yoga, such as pranayama, meditation and mantra, and teaching different styles of yoga asana, from energising vinyasa flow sequences to restorative yoga. A warm and enthusiastic teacher, Fleur encourages her students to challenge themselves and try new things, whilst respecting their individual needs. She is also adept at helping her students to deepen their understanding of yoga philosophy and its origins, allowing them to explore what yoga means to them in their daily lives.

More about Fleur van Hille
to Fleurs Website



Ceramic Workshop

This workshop on Sunday, will allow you to approach the world of ceramics through the essential manipulation of clay. A very intimate sensorial experience with terracotta clay, performed with dilated rhythms and slow gestures that will enhance the intrinsic creative process.

Manipulating the clay, the earth, is a very meditative and grounding experience, which helps you to fully arrive at your retreat. Immersed in nature and guided by the expertise of ceramics designer Karla Sotres, you will handcraft three simple small objects, unique as you are.
The workshop is optional and will take place with a minimum of 6 participants. For planning purpose we ask you to sign up during the booking process (there will be a check box).
Workshop fee: €60

A typical Retreat Day

07.30 am Sunrise Tea & Coffee
08.30 am Yoga (120 min.)
10.30 am Breakfast Buffet
   ~time for a massage or a walk ~
02.30 pm Lunch
05.30 pm Restorative Yoga (60- 90 min.)
07.30 pm Dinner


  • 7 nights in an Italian country style home
  • 10 Vinyasa Flow & Restorative classes with Fleur
  • Meditation & Chanting
  • 3 vegetarian meals
  • Water, Tea and Coffee (self-service kitchen)
  • Walks in the surroundings


  • Flight or train ride to Rome
  • Transport to Insabina
  • optional Ceramic Workshop
  • optional Massages
  • optional River Hike
  • Dinner at a local Pizzeria on Friday

Arrival & Departure Info

from 16.00 Check- In
19.30 Dinner
09.00 Breakfast
till 10.00 Check- Out & departure

Arrival/Departure: group pick ups/ drop offs will be organized for Saturdays from/to airport Rome Fiumicino and from/to Central Station in Rome
Estimated Costs: 20€- 40€/Person/way

Individual Pick up/Drop off: 80€


Ensuite bathroom
Triple Room 985€/Person
Twin Room 1.085€/Person
Single Room 1290€/Person

Shared bathroom
Double Room 985€/Person
Single Room 1190€/Person
Single Bell Tent 985€/Person


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