New Year’s resolutions are about trying to break habits. Most of us want to live a healthier life and let go of bad habits like smoking or physical inactivity.

As it is hard to keep up the enthusiasm for all those DON’Ts & MUST’s why not choose some of the following Ayurvedic routines which will bring change to your perception of your body and mind in a very short time.

Pick one of the following Ayurvedic routines. If you can stick to it for a few weeks, pick another resolution and so on.

1. Live by the sun, feel by the moon.

I know, it is not easy to change habits. Especially when it comes to sleeping times. I just love the daylight and when it gets dark outside I feel my energy level decreasing. So for me it is just naturally to go to bed early and to wake up early. I love to start the day quietly & get shit done with nobody bothering me.
For most people the ideal time to go to bed is at 22h. Our bodies are detoxing and rejuvenating from 22h till 2h caused by a metabolic energy boost. You are truly missing out on beauty sleep when staying up late because the metabolic energy  is diverted to mental energy, and we get activated instead.

2. Drink Hot Lemon Water in the morning.

This is an easy and very effective one. It helps to wash the G.I. tract and flushes the kidneys.

3. Oil pulling.

The perfect oral detoxification. It removes bacteria and promotes healthy teeth and gums! All you have to do is swishing a tablespoon of oil in your mouth for 10-20 minutes. Start with 5 minutes and use a tasty oil such as coconut oil or mint oil.

4. Exercise your body & mind.

Start with a short meditation and set your intention for your yoga practice. Already 15 minutes dedicated to your morning routine centers the mind and balances the body. You will be filled with energy. Moreover you will very quickly feel the progress. There will be nothing more easy than One-Legged Chaturanga 🙂

5. Have a healthy breakfast!

The Ayurvedic Theory suggests a warm breakfast to decreases the disturbance of waking from deep sleep. My favorite breakfast is a warm porridge with lots of fruits, nuts and spices.

6. Keep your mind tranquil.

Especially in the evening time it is better to avoid mental stimulation. Don’t get yourself excited with watching the news, planning your future or having intense conversations. It’s toxic for your dreams.

7. Dedicating the evening to non-digital activities.

This might be a bit harder for most of us as we are so used to check our phones many times per hour, watch a movie or browse the internet till we fall asleep. This is a very calming ritual and brings you closer to yourself and to „real life“ friends. Start with one hour before going to sleep and try to extent this time up to three hours.

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