Open up to a new level of awareness. Let the yoga practice inspire you to bring more mindfulness into your life  and to make conscious choices rather than living on autopilot

Most of us start practicing yoga because we experience stress, pain in our bodies or feel like something is missing in our lives.

We first focus on self-awareness and establishing a loving and steady connection to ourselves. As we continue our practice we naturally expand this awareness to the world around us.Feeling part of a whole, we realize our daily choices affect our environment one way or the other.

This week is for everyone who enjoys practicing yoga and is interested in finding out ways to live in harmony with the world around us.

We want to question ourselves: How can we simplify our lives, consume consciously and do less harm to the environment? Let’s inspire each other with information and practical tips!

Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Focus: Conscious Living
Restorative Yoga, Partner Yoga & Chanting
Teaching language English




About the instructor

Since childhood music and movement have been Fleur’s major passions. No surprise she became a professional dancer. She enjoyed the excitement that came with this career, but after a while she was looking for a way to counterbalance a somewhat hectic lifestyle.

When travelling to India, Fleur discovered yoga. Amazed by the calming effect it had on her mind she was inspired to pursue a new path. Thus, she followed teacher trainings in India, Amsterdam and New York and began sharing her enthusiasm as a yoga teacher.

Fleur takes her qualities as a dancer into her yoga classes by guiding you through the yoga poses like a dance and giving clear instructions on how to practice the poses in a safe way. With her enthusiasm and light energy Fleur creates an atmosphere that invites you to practice in a most playful way.
For more info and images of Fleur, have a look on her website.


About the place


Free time can be spend to discover the surrounding nature, sun bathing at the beach or at the pool with your fellow yogis or maybe you feel like getting a massage on our beautiful terrace. Between the brunch and the afternoon yoga session there is time for all that. If you are getting a bit hungry you can order a Smoothie or another snack. On Wednesday you have all day to explore one of the surrounding andalusian cities, such as Granada, Málaga or the beautiful village of Nerja. More Impressions about how to spend your time here.


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