Learn the essence of ultimate self-care.


23rd - 29th of June 2019


From 1045 Euros



  • 7 Days in Andalusia at the Beach
  • 6 Nights Accommodation in Casa Erica
  • Daily Vinyasa & Yin Yoga Classes with Katie
  • 3 Self-Care Workshops with Nora
  • 1 Personal one-to-one session with Nora
  • Full Board Inspiring Vegan Food
  • Massages & Smoothies (exclusive)


  • English


Join Katie La Folle and Nora Dietrich for this unique week long retreat intended to bring you back to balance and back to life!
Together they will introduce you to the essence of ultimate self-care, so you can manage all the demands of modern life more easily.
Combining yoga and coaching Katie and Nora will help you relax and reconnect, show you tools and techniques to re-evaluate your needs, and reveal how to meet them before you reach crisis-point.
As part of your retreat programme, Coach and Psychologist Nora will host a series of three insightful and inspiring workshops on self-understanding, self-love and self-care.
The workshops will help you to release unrealistic expectations and set you on the path towards healthier, more sustainable habits instead. You will also have the opportunity to participate in a personal one-to-one session with Nora to explore more sensitive topics, obstacles and values, in a safe and supportive space.


Katie will offer morning Vinyasa Flow classes everday, that focus on developing connection with your body and your breath in a playful way. She will give you the gentle encouragement to experience mindful movement and meditation, free from any pressure or expectation.
In the evening, calming Yin Yoga session with a focus on Pranayama, Meditation and passive asanas that invite you to relax and unwind with awareness and an attitude of kindness towards oneself.
All of Katies classes are suitable for beginners and intermediates as well as Yin Yoga classes.
This retreat is perfect for you if you seek to bring balance back into your life .


In three interactive workshops we will work through self-understanding, self-love and self-care, learn how to read our needs, say goodbye to unrealistic expectations and welcome new and more sustainable patterns.


Why do we behave the way we do?

Workshop one will help you become aware of the voices inside your head and the way your inner conversation impacts you. Why do we behave the way we do? Who is this inner voice that talks us down and questions every move we make? This workshop will present ways of acknowledging and connecting with the vulnerable parts of ourselves. It will give us the space to start understanding our inner world and behavioural patterns we take into everyday life, so that we can be more empowered to change them in the future.


A No to others is a Yes to yourself.

To foster strong relationships, we need to find a balance between being there for others and setting clear boundaries for ourselves. In this workshop, we will find a ‘middle path’ between you and the world around you. We will look at how to set healthy boundaries and start practising self-love.


Looking after yourself as a way of life.

After meeting your vulnerabilities with compassion rather than contempt, we will develop some practices to allow you to meet your underlying needs in a better way. This workshop helps you identify new sources of energy that enable us to leave our comfort zone, redefine ourselves and adapt to future changes.


Psychotherapist (M.Sc.)
& Coach


With a background in psychotherapy (M.Sc., CBT), Nora guides deep personal journeys through personal and executive coaching, counselling and therapy. She believes in the power of emotions and experience-oriented interventions. Her personal aim is to aid people in finding a deeper sense of purpose in life and at work. This inspired her to co-found TOMINO; a consultancy that helps companies to find their own “change and learning culture”.



Vinyasa & Yin Yoga Teacher
& Artist


Katie is an artist and a yoga teacher. Born and raised in Vienna, Katie studied dancing, singing and acting having found joy in movement and body work at a young age.
The first time she discovered Hatha Yoga, she was fascinated by the impact it had on her body and her sometimes restless mind. Simple postures helped her to heal her strong back pain and yoga became part of her daily routine.
Vinyasa Yoga was later the style she discovered for herself in Viennas Yoga studios. Inspired by different teachers and schools, Katie went to India for her teacher training. Deeply moved, she dived into anatomy, meditation and breathwork as well as the philosophical components. Yoga for her is a way of self-discovery, sensory awareness and perception.
Katie is also a Kabarettist and plays and sings whenever she has time for it. She leads her popular yoga classes with a lot of empathy and her pleasant voice.



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Happy Place
& Retreat Venue

Surrounded by mountains and sea, Casa Erica is very peaceful and idyllic located on the coast of Andalusia, between Málaga and Nerja.There are no disturbing neighbors or street noise. It's only a 800m walk to the beach.
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Retreat Treats
Made with Love

We cook a creative, plant- based menu and we are keen of trying new things. It is important to us to use ingredients which are nourishing and at the same time not harming any animal or our environment.
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09.00 am _VINYASA YOGA (105 MIN)
11.00 am _BRUNCH
03.00 pm _LIGHT LUNCH
05.30 pm _YOGA WORKSHOP (90 MIN)
07.30 pm _DINNER


from 1.00pm _CHECK-IN
5.30pm _YOGA CLASS
7.45pm _DINNER
First transfer from Málaga Airprot to Casa Erica is at 12am, 3 times daily, optional and exclusive 20€ per person and direction. You can also take the bus (2 hours).


until 12.00am _CHECK-OUT & DEPARTURE
Transfer from 8am til 12am, 20€.

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