YSC goes vegan

After being vegetarian for about 3 years I recently discovered that the production of dairy products is just as horrendous as the meat production. Well, I wouldn’t say I discovered this recently. It is more that I can’t keep ignoring it anymore.

Most people know about the horrible procedures of the meat industry and actually many of them care about animals. But still, they close their eyes to these facts because they can’t change their habits.

I was still eating dairy products on a daily basis although I knew where milk comes from. And I love cheese. And eggs. And a good coffee with milk. But there is this point when you just heard too much and then there is no going back. To know what all these animals have to go through in their short lifes just to produce dairy products made me rethink. And this is not just affecting my own plate. I have to create the menu for our Retreats and the decision to go vegan makes a huge difference at the end of the season. Only in Germany 778 million animals (excl. aquaculture fish) have been killed in 2015.

We want to inspire

Nobody should be pointing with fingers on others as all of us make their own decisions. As it came to us as a necessity to change our habits it might come to you, or it might not. Human beings are creatures of habit. It is not easy to change those habits and thinking patterns you are used to follow all your life. But it is possible when you start to see the necessity and the fact that you can make a difference. On top you are going to inspire the ones around you by not demanding certain products.

It is our demand that accounts for the miserable existence of these animals. With every day that you do not eat meat or dairy products there is less animal suffering.

Our offer

You are going to experience a delicious and very diverse, mostly vegan menu. We are happy to share our passion about vegan food with all our guests. We hope to inspire you with our creations to a mindful way of eating.

From the last season we learned that almost all of our dinners were already vegan or mostly vegan or easy to make vegan. It is just a small challenge to replace or dismiss cheese, milk, yogurt and eggs from the menu.

We start the day with tea, coffee, fruits and oats. Choose between soy and oat milk. After the morning yoga class a delicious brunch is waiting for you. Freshly baked bread, different porridges, vegan spreads, fruits, veggies and fresh orange juice as much as you want. In the lunch break we offer freshly made smoothies and light snacks, such as Chia Pudding and Açai-Nicecream. In the evening we try our best to impress you with fresh veggies, hearty dishes and colorful creations influenced by the worlds cuisines.

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Von Yvonne Jabs

I am Yvonne, founder of Yoga Spirit Circle. I love yoga and nature as well as to organize events and to be a host. More about me and Yoga Spirit Circle on our ABOUT US page.


Ich bin Yvonne, Gründerin von Yoga Spirit Circle. Ich stehe auf Yoga und Natur, liebe es Dinge zu organisieren und bin gerne Gastgeberin. Mehr über mich und Yoga Spirit Circle findest du auf unserer ÜBER UNS Seite.

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