a sacred pause, a
‘re-wilding’ of the self,
a gathering of souls

a sacred pause,
a‘re-wilding’ of the self,
a gathering
of souls

Ellipse 40

Our Retreats are a potent mix of creativity, movement, meditation and wholesome vegan food.

You are invited to unwind and explore, to realign yourself with the creative source & raise your vibration, so that you emerge empowered, energised and inspired.

We choose enchanting spaces in hidden parts of europe

We choose enchanting spaces in hidden parts of europe

where life moves slowly and healing, growth and transformation are not only possible, but inevitable

Our Retreats 2022 are in the planning

Our Retreats 2022 are in the planning

Guest Reviews

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Sandra: I just can’t find the right words to describe how amazing this week was. Julia and Mareille, the yoga teachers are such lovely persons and they really teached me a lot, ….


Asli: I had a great week at casa Erica with delicious food made by the Yoga Spirit Circle Team and the very inspiring chef Crystal (rawrevive), super Yoga lessons by Fleur van Hille and the most relaxing massage by Lola. Thank you all for the great time🙏🏽😘 Hope to return any time soon!

Katharina: It’s now three/four weeks that I’ve been at Casa Erica for the „It’s all about connection“ retreat with Mareille. It was my first yoga retreat and five stars are just not enough to give as the whole week was simply amazing! The house is located remotely in the hills, but very close to the ocean… 

a community of like-minded people

a source of

Our food is fresh, fun and fulfilling. We cook a creative, plant-based menu that is designed to nourish your belly, body and brain, and inspire you to do the same. We are passionate about what you put on your plate, because we know when you eat well you feel well!

It is part of our food philosophy to use ingredients that cause no harm to animals or the environment, so you can enjoy what you eat with a clear conscious without compromising on taste. Whether it’s a colourful breakfast platter, lunchtime snack or three-course dinner you’ll be offered delicious, nutritionally balanced options that are bursting with flavour, and our menus are flexible enough to accommodate any additional dietary requirements too. We share all of our meals together on our beautiful terrace and you can additionally order fresh juices, smoothies, ice cream and vegan snacks to enjoy by the pool in the afternoon.

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