Our Vision

A Yoga Spirit Circle retreat
isn't an ordinary holiday;

it’s a sacred pause, a ‘re-wilding’ of the self, a gathering of souls and a source of profound nourishment

Yoga Spirit Circle is the embodiment of this vision and it came into being at our original retreat venue and ‘home from home’, Casa Erica, in Andalusia by the sea. Since then, we have begun creating experiences also at In Sabina, which is close to Rome in the italian countryside. From 2023 on we will welcome you as well in the mountains of La Viñuela, Andalusia as well as in the Relais, an organic farm with it’s own private beach on the Sorrento Peninsula. 

Yoga Spirit Circle was founded in 2013 by Isabel and Yvonne, sisters from Berlin.

We believe in the power of nature, art and spiritual wisdom for uplifting individuals, and we believe in bringing those people together to create conscious communities and meaningful connections. Both highly creative individuals, our passions influence the way we put together our retreats.

With a background in art, handicrafts, and interior design, Isabel is behind the laid back and comfortable, but oh-so-stylish look and feel of our retreats. As a trained yoga teacher and devoted ecstatic dancer, she also has an eye for the best teachers around.

As a digital UX designer and self-confessed foodie, Yvonne combines her skills to create culinary experiences that delight and educate our guests in equal measure. Hiring the best plant-based chefs she can find, Yvonne ensures that our menus that are as nourishing as they are delicious. Prepare to be inspired!

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