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13.- 19 MAY 2018 ~ Rocket Yoga Retreat with Marta_

PRACTICE ROCKET YOGA IN A SAFE & EFFECTIVE WAY, LEARN TOOLS TO CALM THE MIND AND AWAKE YOUR FEELING BODY. You will learn about the three main aspects of the practice: breath, bandas and drishti. We will focus on the sensations to connect with your inner body and shut the talking mind.

27.05.- 02.06.2017 ~ IT’S ALL ABOUT CONNECTION Retreat with Mareille _

YOU WILL FEEL ABSOLUTELY CONNECTED AGAIN: WITH YOURSELF, THE ENVIRONMENT AND CERTAINLY MANY PEOPLE YOU HAVE MET DURING THIS WEEK. In this week it’s all about connection, we will practice a strong Vinyasa Flow class every morning and in the late afternoon a calming Yin Yoga session.


Practicing yoga keeps our bodies healthy and strong, but the greatest gift of yoga is that our minds become calm and clear. USE THIS WEEK TO UNLOCK THE TRUE POTENTIAL OF YOUR BODY , MIND AND SOUL! This week we will develop our ability to listen to feelings and thoughts that are present, while we move our bodies in daily dynamic morning classes, find balance in yoga poses with someone else, stay still in yin yoga and sing mantras on beautiful melodies.

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In a beautiful SPANISH finca, surrounded by NATURE and the BEACH on your footstep you gonna unwind & reconnect with yourself. Wake up with the SUN, practice YOGA under the SKY & meet new FRIENDS.
Topped by a delicious mostly VEGAN cuisine to INSPIRE you every day.

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