Urban Yoga Retreat

9th - 12th of August 2018
Discover alternative Berlin in a comforting group of like minded people. A beautiful Townhouse in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg only for us will be our base. Daily Yoga classes, delicious, healthy food and enough time to enjoy long summer nights with newly made friends.




Minutes Yoga Practise




New Friends


BERLIN, a city which has been divided by a wall for 28 years today has become a place of FREEDOM and CREATIVITY.

No other city will lead you to INSPIRATIONS, interesting encounters and life changing moments like MAGICAL Berlin does.

Our TOWN HOUSE is located in the former eastern part of Berlin which is the ALTERNATIVE hub of the city.

The neighborhood FRIEDRICHSHAIN- Kreuzberg is popular for its rebellious nature - street art, anti-establishment values, never ending dance nights (and days) and its enormous ART scene.

Attracting PEOPLE from all over the world Berlin grew a diverse culinary scene with Europe’s Capital of VEGAN.

An agenda for your short stay in the city will be prepared. No research and organisation for you, just ENJOY!

You will start your day with a delightful yoga class with MAREILLE. Followed by a delicious BRUNCH, which gives you the energy to discover the city until your afternoon YOGA class.

We gonna dine in our favorite vegan/vegetarian restaurants and enjoy long SUMMER nights out.

Prices from 400 Euros (quadruple ) to 485 Euros (single)







03.00 pm Earliest Check-In Time

08.00 pm Welcome Dinner


10.00 am Yoga class - Opening Circle

12.30 am Brunch

02.00 pm Alternative Walking Tour

05.00 pm Afternoon Yoga Class

09.00 pm *Dinner (excl.)*
ca. 15-20 € incl. Drink


10.00 am Morning Yoga Class

12.30 am Brunch


04.30 pm Afternoon Yoga Class

07.30 pm Rooftop Drinks & Nibbles

09.00 pm *Dinner (excl.)*
ca. 15-20 € incl. Drink


10.00 am Brunch

12.00 am Latest Check-Out Time

About the Yoga_

• Hatha Flow
• Pranayama
• Meditation
• Interactive Games
• Strong Vinyasa Flow
• Teaching Language: English

Friday 10:00- 12:00
Easy Flow to start off
In this city of bikes, beauty and beer, we will energize this friday morning through breath work, alignment and energizing movement to boost the energy supplies in our bodies.
We will also be moving deep into muscles and joints through more detailed alignment work.

Friday 17:00- 18:30
Sharpening the mind
Our mind is our greatest tool but can also in times of stress be our biggest enemy. Meditation is the topic for this Friday afternoon. Using meditation as our main tool we'll work with its ability to harness attention and cultivate the persistence to sustain our awareness.

Saturday 10:00-12:00
Waking up!
Whether you feel great with plenty of energy or lazy and unwilling to move: a joyful yang practice is great to rediscover our energetic selves. Working with breath, bandha and alignment we go beyond our normal limitations, push our edges, and expand our potential for joy and awakening.

Saturday 16:30- 18:30
And now slowly please…
This Saturday afternoon we take time to have a close look at the morning-playfullness asanas. Often poses come and go so fast during a practise that you never feel the trust and patience to dare something different. We’ll practise challinging poses, one by one slowly with patience and help from each other with a big smile on our face.

About the instructor_

MAREILLE completed her 200 hours TT with David Lurey in Brazil in 2012. In addition, she learned the magic of the practice of Yin Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage that she uses as a perfect companion to her yoga practice.

Mareille's classes are a nice blend of Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Yin. We will learn to respect our boundaries and accept, as we listen to the rhythm of our breath.

Mareille has worked in many different surf camps in Spain and Morocco. But at currently she is mainly in Amsterdam, her hometown, where she teaches. For more information about Mareille please see her website.

Mareille is a very accessible teacher. Her classes are suitable for all levels.
The language of instruction will be English, but Mareille also speaks Dutch and a little German.

The town house_

The beautiful town house where we will live together during the retreat is located in Friedrichshain.

It is a short walk of 650m to the Yoga room.

Prices from 400 Euros (quadruple ) to 485 Euros (single)