Vinyasa Flow &
Yin Yoga Teacher

„I love chanting mantras during retreats, because there is more time to get into it. Most people have never chanted before, so I can relate to the hesitation (like “this is weeeiiird!” and “I don’t dare to sing”). I chant for the joy of chanting and I share for the joy of sharing.“

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Retreats with Fleur:
10.-16.06.2018 Unwind & Clarify your Mind
17.-23.06.2018 Awake & Aware
21.-27.10.2018 Unwind & Clarify your Mind
28.10. -3.11.2018 Dive Deeper – Intermediate Level

Since childhood music and movement have been FLEUR’s major passions. No surprise she became a professional dancer. She enjoyed the excitement that came with this career, but after a while she was looking for a way to counterbalance a somewhat hectic lifestyle. When travelling to India, Fleur discovered yoga. Amazed by the calming effect it had on her mind she was inspired to pursue a new path.

Thus, she followed teacher trainings in India, Amsterdam and New York and began sharing her enthusiasm as a VINYASA FLOW and YIN yoga teacher. Fleur takes her qualities as a dancer into her yoga classes by guiding you through the yoga poses like a dance and giving clear instructions on how to practice the poses in a safe way. With her enthusiasm and light energy Fleur creates an atmosphere that invites you to practice in a playful way. A highlight of Fleurs classes is Chanting Mantras. Here you can listen to it on our blog.


Vinyasa Flow, Hatha &
Yin Yoga Teacher
Thai Yoga Massage

„We will learn to respect our boundaries and accept, as we listen to the rhythm of our breath. “

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Retreats with Mareille:
27.05 -02.06.2018 It’s all about connection
03. -09.06.2018 Be here now!
23.-29.09.2018 Embrace Equilibrium
30.09. -06.10.2018 Do You Know Yoga?

MAREILLE completed her 200 hours TT with David Lurey in Brazil in 2012. In addition, she learned the magic of the practice of Yin Yoga and THAI YOGA MASSAGE that she uses as a perfect companion to her yoga practice.
Mareille’s classes are a nice blend of HATHA, VINYASA and YIN YOGA.

Mareille has worked in many different surf camps in Spain and Morocco. But currently she is mainly in Amsterdam, her hometown, where she teaches.
Mareille is a very accessible teacher. Her classes are suitable for all levels. The language of instruction will be English, but Mareille also speaks Dutch and a little German.


Ashtanga Vinyasa &
Rocket Yoga® Teacher

„My goal as a yoga instructor is to help students to connect with their own breathing, gain body awareness, gain mental and physical strength, flexibility and elasticity.“

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Retreats with Marta:
13.-19.06.2018 Rocket Yoga Retreat-BOOKED OUT
20. -26.05.2018 Rocket Yoga Retreat
16. -22.09.2018 Rocket Yoga Retreat

Marta is certified by the International Yoga Alliance, and teaches Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket Yoga® classes. Focusing on the self-realization, the control of the mind, and also on understanding life on its physical, mental and spiritual level.
Marta is born on Gran Canaria and returned back to the island after a few years of living in England, Barcelona, Madrid and Berlin.

Upon returning to the island, her focus became more introspective and she found in Yoga her way to connect with the inner body.
Marta’s Tipp: Come with an open mind. Be ready to discover the best version of yourself. Keep doing your Ashtanga or Vinyasa practice until we meet in Spain.


Vinyasa Flow Teacher
Dancer & Philosopher

„Wie sich Yoga als somatische Reflektion und meine «westliche» Philosophieauffassung zusammen denken und praktizieren lassen, wurde mir erst nach und nach und klar. Yoga, genau wie Philosophie, ist eine Praxis, die Zeit und Übung braucht.“

Retreats with Judith:
14. -20.10.2018 Wandeln – Bewegung wahrnehmen und verstehen

Obwohl Judith zu ihrer ersten Yogastunde überredet werden musste hat sie früh erkannt, dass Sie im Yoga einen Weg gefunden hat, den sie ab jetzt gehen wollte. Die angedachte Promotion (Philosophie) und Unilaufbahn wurden verworfen. Seit drei Jahren unterrichtet Judith in Studios, in Unternehmen und vermehrt in individueller Einzelarbeit.

Judiths Unterricht ist von ihrer Neugier für neue Erfahrungen und Erkenntnisse geprägt und integriert ihre Praxis in Tanz und verschiedener Körperarbeit. Ihr Wunsch ist es, einen sicheren, schönen Ort entstehen zu lassen, von dem aus mit spielerischem Ernst und ernsthaftem Spiel an Grenzen und Unbekanntes gewagt werden kann.