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Intermediate ✺ 8- 14 October 2023 ✺ In Sabina, Rieti, Italy

Practice is what holds us together.

In a world where talk is often valued more than action. Where new theories and ideas appear every minute, it is almost a rebellious act to focus on one’s practice.

A regular practice makes progress visible and inevitable. This applies to a yoga practice, but also to anything we do.

Are you tired of the “all talk no action” approach? I feel you. But we cannot make life about practice only. Practice is by definition a prerequisite in order to perform an action with perfection. What is the action? And will we ever reach that perfection? Perfection is not being flawless. It is doing something with complete presence. The action is to become present and aware. To be able to meet our own life with grace and a relaxed mindset. Because we did show up to the work before.

This retreat is not about perfecting your practice. Of course glimpses of perfection can appear. This retreat will be about the journey of yourself during your practice and what we can take out of it. Because what is the use of practice, if we don’t apply it to our lives? To become better humans.

The asana practice and meditation is our foundational ground. It’s where we meet and where we explore. The time outside of classes can be dedicated to yourself, to connect with others or maybe create a deeper connection to what you are practicing for.

I will share teachings of my teachers and those who have inspired me on my path. We will discuss some of the most important yogic texts in a down-to-earth way.

We will practice a good amount, but there will be awareness for how you feel within that process. See the practice part for more information about that.

I will offer you a retreat where you can be present for yourself. Where you don’t have to justify, explain or argue about your needs. If you feel challenged, I invite you to explore within your boundaries. Is it an old pattern appearing? Maybe inviting you to look behind this imaginary wall? Or is it time to step back and go within. We only know through practice what works for us.

The practice
The morning asana classes will be the full package – a vigorous practice, fun and sweaty with a soundtrack that will make you want to dance, chanting which softens the heart and dharma (philosophy talk) that sparks new ideas for the spiritual path.

The afternoon practice is usually held in workshop style where we dive deeper into a topic. Some asana related, some focussing on a chakra or on a teaching. In any case we go deep here.

Some evenings are spent with Satsang (chanting or meditation together and some philosophy) where you get to connect or simply be inspired by the teachings.

Level Intermediate: You should have a regular asana practice and expect dynamic, challenging classes.

Jivamukti Yoga Retreat

Dana Sertel

Dana is an Advanced Certified (800+h) Jivamukti Yoga Teacher based in Berlin. She is a mentor to Jivamukti Yoga Apprentices and mentoring new teachers.

Within the Jivamukti Yoga method she offers to guide new teachers through the 500+h JTAP Program and teaches in English and German worldwide classes online and offline.

Finding the teaching in anything. Authentic and real. Informed by her practice and devoted to the experience. Dana started practicing Yoga in 2006 after a long time of intense sports. She immediately noticed there was more to Yoga than just physical benefits. Diving deep into the liberating effects of practice is what brings her back to the mat every day. There are highs and there are lows – none of them should be missed or avoided.

Dana’s website

YouTube Yoga Video

“An ounce of practice is generally worth more than a ton of theory.” E F Schumacher


retreat offerings
○ 6 nights in a countryside house in Torri InSabina
○ 9 yoga sessions
○ jivamukti yoga in the morning
○ chanting, meditation, pranayama
○ afternoon classes restorative/workshop style
○ kirtan & satsang
○ a guided hike
○ inspiring vegan food 3 times/day
○ water, tea & coffee
○ practicing on the famous yoga deck

not included
○ flight or train to Rome
○ airport transfer to In Sabina
○ ceramics workshop & massages
○ dinner on friday at the local pizzeria
○ travel insurance (recommended)

from 1100€

group size

a typical day

8.30- 9.30 breakfast

10.30 – 12.30 yoga & meditation 

13.00 lunch

reading 〰️ ceramics 〰️ massage 〰️ walks

16.30- 18.00 yoga

19.00 dinner

arrival day: check-in from 16.00,
afternoon snack, no yoga class,
19.30 dinner, 21.00 welcome circle

departure day: no yoga class,
8.30 breakfast, check out until 10.00



about the place

It doesn’t seem possible that In Sabina is less than an hour’s drive from the crowded streets of Rome. With lush, abundant grounds of its own, along with a natural spring and a magnificent wooden yoga platform which overlooks the valley below, this is a truly magical place that’s ideal for spiritual practice, slowing down, and plunging oneself into nature. More

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