You would like to enjoy two weeks of yoga and and be part of our team?

The Dates

11.09.- 24.09.2016

25.09.- 08.10.2016

09.10.- 22.10.2016

Your responsibilities

You will prepare the pre-yoga breakfast, clean up after the brunch. You will prepare smoothies and help us to keep everything in order. Your daily working time is about 4  hours.

Whats the deal?

As a participant of the Retreat you can visit all the yoga classes, live in Casa Erica and also enjoy all other amenities. The total price for two weeks in a double room is € 350.

Why do I have to pay money?

Most volunteering opportunities are based on an exchange of work and free living and/or food. We have decided, that we want our Karma Yogis enjoy their time here and of course let them participate in the daily yoga classes. To guarantee that we want you to work a maximum of 4 hours/day.

You will like it here

If you are an easy going person which is able to work independently and sees which work has to be done. 

We have around 14 guests every week and we have a great community feeling. Usually, people like to gather and get to know each other. That does not mean that you have to spend all your time with others. If you are someone who needs a lot of time for yourself you should think if this is the right thing for you.

It would be great if your interest in yoga is the reason why you want to visit us.

You should be ok with getting up early (sometimes around 6.30h).

If you are interested we would love to receive an email from you ( Let us know why you want to work with us. What do you expect? If you want add your facebook/instagram link and everything else that you want 🙂







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