Restoring Rhythms - Fully Booked

All Level ✺ 8-14 April ✺ La Viñuela, Andalusia, Spain

Yoga & Ayurveda place great importance on our understanding of the connection/ union between that which is taking place inside of us, and that which takes place outside of us. From the rhythms & polarities of day and night, to the changes of the seasons, to our sleep/ wake cycles and much, much more.How is it that we may learn to live in greater harmony and balance, by coming to both observe, and then better understand, the cycles within and without?

This retreat is an opportunity to dive a little deeper into the wisdom bodies of Yoga & Ayurveda, bringing together these two sister sciences by way of empowering your understanding of practice, and most especially, your experience of Self and life. Together we’ll explore traditional source wisdom, alongside the practices that help you to breathe life into that wisdom, in a way that feels both meaningful and effective for you.

Mornings will consist of a complete practice (asana, pranayama and meditation) weaving yogic philosophy/ understanding through the fabric of your experience. The afternoons will alternate between workshops, as an opportunity to further unpack some of Yoga & Ayurveda’s essential teachings; and, or restorative practices that help to balance and regulate the nervous system, inviting deep rest into the cells of the body, and marking that all important transition from the activity of the day, into the restful nurturance of night.

Journalling and self enquiry will play a large role in helping to spark deeper change, growth and transformation, as you come back step-by-step to a way of being that feels more nourishing and true to you. Experience some of the tools/ means that will support you in building the emotional, mental and physical resilience to meet with the totality of your life ~ in all of its sweetness, and all of its challenge, and every aspect of its unknowing

Chrissie Chung

Chrissie Chung is a student and teacher of the Himalayan Tradition. She has been studying, practicing and sharing Yoga extensively for the last 8 years.

Her heart is firmly rooted in sharing the far-reaching potential of practice, using its various tools as a means to serve the individual in finding their own unique way to rediscover their truest essence.

She offers the richness of Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga, inviting you to embrace your practice as a spiritual science. Move with purpose, breathe with wisdom and begin the journey of turning your attention in, returning to a state of Being that is inherently whole.

Expect deep practices intertwined with philosophy, intelligent use of the breath, self study, contemplation & meditation.

More about Chrissie

Journey Home

“Yatha pinde tatha brahmande, yatha brahmande tatha pinde” ~ Yajurveda

"As is the microcosmic body, so is the macrocosmic body, as is the macrocosmic body, so is the microcosmic body."

Retreat offerings
○ 6 nights at La Viñuela
○ 3 vegan meals per day
○ Asana, Pranayama & Meditation in the mornings
○ Yoga nidra, Yin/ Restorative in the afternoons
○ Hike on Wednesdays
○ Water, tea & coffee

Not included
○ Flight or train to Málaga
○ Airport transfer to La Viñuela
○ Massages, optional Workshops
○ Travel insurance  (recommended)

from 1300€

Group size

Please visit our faqs for infos about our corona policy, travel, airport transfer and much more.

a typical day

07.30 tea, coffee, fruit

08.30 yoga & meditation 

10.30 breakfast

reading 〰️ journaling 〰️ going for walks 〰️ massage

15.00 lunch or snack

17.30 yoga

19.30 dinner

arrival day: check-in from 15.00,
afternoon snack, short yoga class,
19.30 dinner, 21.00 welcome circle 

departure day: no yoga class,
9.00 breakfast, check out until 10.00

all yoga equipment is available at our retreat location, as well as towels & bed linen. we’ll let you know what’s good to bring, a few days before your retreat.

check- in is from 16:00, dinner at 19:30 // check- out on departure day until 10:00 after breakfast

arrival & departure: group pick ups & drop offs will be organised for arrival day from Málaga airport & Málaga city center. Vice versa for departure. costs: 30€/person/way

please take a look at our faqs or send us an email. Looking forward to hearing from you.

about the place

This is the cozy place you want to escape to for a week of withdrawal from the world. The venue is set in the mountains overlooking the beautiful La Viñuela lake. The sun here is also warming in the autumn and winter months. More

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