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All Level ✺ 27 January - 1 February 2024 ✺ La Viñuela, Spain

As the Earth experiences seasons, so do our bodies and minds. Spring brings new life and color, summer rains abundance, autumn calls us to shed our unnecessary layers, and winter turns us inward. How can we find a way to honor this phase that is so profoundly connected not only to life, but to who we are as well?

Winter is a time when both our bodies and the earth are slower, calmer, and more withdrawn. We burrow into piles of warm blankets, and we are called to rest more deeply. Winter is ruled by our intuition, so we will set our intentions for the year ahead. What are we ready to let go of? What are we ready to call in?

During this retreat, we will move our bodies in dynamic vinyasa morning classes that will get stagnant energy flowing again, leaving us feeling freer and lighter.

In the afternoons and evenings we will rest deeply to release even subtler layers of tension from the body and mind. Often these are a kind of holding on that we are not even aware of. When they are released, we find space, relief, and we feel an opening up.


These sessions will include yoga nidra, a guided meditation while you are laying down, restorative yoga, in which we restore the body to a state of complete relaxation, and singing mantras, to connect to our hearts.

The Spanish sun will bring light and uplifting energy. The mountains will offer us a broader view. And as we zoom out from our daily lives, we will give rise to new ideas, inspiration, and energy for the year ahead.

Gift yourself a week of quiet me-time surrounded by others looking for connection, inspiration, and shared laughter. Come to rest, reflect and get new energy for the year ahead.

Fleur van Hille

People often describe me as a warm and sunny person with an intuitive approach to teaching yoga. I like hearing this description because it shows that I’ve made a real connection with my students. And if there’s one thing about yoga that I love the most and which characterises my classes, workshops and retreats, it’s the feeling of being connected.

A retreat offers us the possibility of a truly profound experience of yoga. Surrounded by nature and among like-minded people from every corner of the world, a unique journey unfolds. Conversations open up, emotions are untapped, and discoveries are made…

In the quiet of each morning, we begin our yoga practice in stillness, taking time to anchor our awareness in the present moment through a guided breathing exercise, a meditation or visualisation. Then, drawing on the energy of the rising sun and the freshness of a brand-new day, I lead you through a vinyasa flow that is both gentle and energising.

During the dip in energy that tends to follow lunchtime, the sessions slow down, allowing for a deeper exploration of the techniques and practices encountered earlier in the day. There’s also plenty of time for sinking into a profound state of relaxation with restorative or yin yoga, or even yoga nidra (yogic sleep) – sometimes accompanied by mantras, music, or myths.

Yoga Videos with Fleur

Fleurs Website

Abundant Heart

It's time to connect with your true self

a typical day

07.30 tea, coffee, fruit

08.30 yoga & meditation 

10.30 breakfast

reading 〰️ journaling 〰️ going for walks 〰️ massage

15.00 lunch or snack

17.30 yoga

19.30 dinner

arrival day: check-in from 15.00,
afternoon snack, short yoga class,
19.30 dinner, 21.00 welcome circle 

departure day: no yoga class,
9.00 breakfast, check out until 10.00

retreat offerings
○ 5 nights at La Viñuela
○ 3 vegan meals per day
○ vinyasa yoga in the morning
○ meditation & chanting
○ restorative and/or yoga nidra in the afternoons
○ hike to the stupa
○ water, tea & coffee

not included
○ flight or train to/from Málaga
○ airport transfer to/from La Viñuela
○ massages, optional Workshops
○ travel cancellation insurance  (recommended)

from 1200€, group size 12

please visit our faqs 

Ceramics plant press workshop (optional)

3.5 hour session –  Price 75€ per person
by Danyela Totuma 

We love the meditating effect working with clay has! Just like in yoga there is no pressure, you can enjoy the process. If you have experience already or not – it is always nice to join the workshop. Maybe it is going to be a new inspiration you take home with you and find a ceramics course back home?!

During this workshop we will learn how to make slabs to later stamp leaves or flowers and make a piece with it. There will be foliage available but you can collect your own. 🌾

This workshop is suitable for everyone, as no prior experience is necessary. All materials are included, and you will be able to take your piece home.
If you want to explore your creativity and connect it with nature this is for you!


all yoga equipment is available at our retreat location, as well as towels & bed linen. we’ll let you know what’s good to bring, a few days before your retreat.

check- in is from 16:00, dinner at 19:30 // check- out on departure day until 10:00 after breakfast

arrival & departure: group pick ups & drop offs will be organised for arrival day from Málaga airport & Málaga city center. Vice versa for departure. costs: 30€/person/way

please take a look at our faqs or send us an email. Looking forward to hearing from you.

about the place

This is the cozy place you want to escape to for a week of withdrawal from the world. The venue is set in the mountains overlooking the beautiful La Viñuela lake. The sun here is also warming in the autumn and winter months. More

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