All Level ✺ 26 September - 2 October 2024 ✺ Casa Erica, Málaga, Spain

What makes us happy and healthy?

According to the longest-running research on happiness (which took 75 years and is still running!), the most important contribution to our health and happiness is the quality of our connections to other people. Yoga is connection. And with it, we can deepen the relationship we have with ourselves – the most important connection we have. It forms the foundation for every other relationship in our lives, whether it be with family, friends, a partner, or co-workers.

Simply said: our connection to our sense of self determines the strength of our relationships with others. And how we relate to others determines our long-term health and happiness.

The essence of this retreat lies in our commitment to using yoga as a transformative tool, guiding you to explore your connection to both the self and the people closest to you. You will be supported to step out of your relationship patterns and learn how to approach those closest to you from a yogic perspective.

Nestled amidst the serene embrace of nature, we’ll gather each morning for joyful, energizing vinyasa practices where we will become more aware of ourselves. We will get to know our bodies better and explore both our boundaries and our possibilities. In the afternoons, we embark on a journey within. Through practices like yoga nidra, restorative yoga, storytelling with mantra, sound baths, and discussions of yoga philosophy, we’ll examine our mental stories, patterns, and tendencies with gentle curiosity. Over time, we may begin to drop some of our judgments, embracing instead a more spacious, compassionate point of view.

Beyond the yoga mat, this retreat offers opportunities for connection through group discussions, guided activities, and communal meals. As the sun sets each day, spontaneous small gatherings may arise with the opportunity for sharing circles. These collective exchanges will form a cornerstone of our week together, nurturing a sense of community that extends beyond the confines of a single practice. This retreat not only serves as a transformative space for personal growth but also as a testing ground for forging lasting connections, weaving a tapestry of shared experiences that linger long after the final savasana.

Fleur van Hille

People often describe me as a warm and sunny person with an intuitive approach to teaching yoga. I like hearing this description because it shows that I’ve made a real connection with my students. And if there’s one thing about yoga that I love the most and which characterises my classes, workshops and retreats, it’s the feeling of being connected.

A retreat offers us the possibility of a truly profound experience of yoga. Surrounded by nature and among like-minded people from every corner of the world, a unique journey unfolds. Conversations open up, emotions are untapped, and discoveries are made…

In the quiet of each morning, we begin our yoga practice in stillness, taking time to anchor our awareness in the present moment through a guided breathing exercise, a meditation or visualisation. Then, drawing on the energy of the rising sun and the freshness of a brand-new day, I lead you through a vinyasa flow that is both gentle and energising.

During the dip in energy that tends to follow lunchtime, the sessions slow down, allowing for a deeper exploration of the techniques and practices encountered earlier in the day. There’s also plenty of time for sinking into a profound state of relaxation with restorative or yin yoga, or even yoga nidra (yogic sleep) – sometimes accompanied by mantras, music, or myths.

Yoga Videos with Fleur

Fleurs Website

Fleur vanHille
Fleur van Zonneveld

Fleur van Zonneveld

Being a dancer, the body always has been fascinating to Fleur. Her dancing years taught her so much about that body. And then she found out about yoga…It felt so familiar, but yet so different. The more yoga she experienced the more she discovered the deeper layers that can be found beyond the physical body. And the deep interconnection of body, breath, emotions, mind, and the subconscious. Fleur loves to bring western knowledge and ancient yoga teachings together so that yoga can be used practical in the midst of the waves of modern life. For Fleur yoga is a way to explore yourself. To connect deeper to your own truth. So in every yoga experience she creates a space where you can go on a journey with and within yourself.  Through gentle vinyasa yoga, breathwork, restorative, yin, meditation, energetics, yoga nidra, sound practices, and yoga therapy practices she supports you to experience yourself and life in a conscious way.

Over the past 15 years she has been teaching, guiding workshops, teacher trainings and immersions and recently graduated as a yoga therapist.

More about Fleur

Fleurs Website

Yoga is connection. And with it, we can deepen the relationship we have with the self—the most important connection we have.

retreat offerings

○ 6 nights at casa erica
○ 3 vegan meals per day
○ vinyasa in the morning
○ meditation & chanting
○ restorative and/or yoga nidra in the afternoons
○ hike trip to a beautiful national park & hidden beach
○ water, tea & coffee

not included
○ flight or train to Málaga
○ airport transfer to Casa Erica
○ massages, optional Workshops
○ one dinner at a local restaurant
○ travel insurance  (recommended)

from 1250€

group size

Please visit our faqs for infos about our corona policy, travel, airport transfer and much more.

a typical day

07.30 tea, coffee, fruit

08.30 yoga & meditation 

10.30 breakfast

reading 〰️ beach 〰️ pool 〰️ massage

15.00 lunch or snack

17.30 yoga

19.30 dinner

arrival day (thursday): check-in from 15.00,
afternoon snack, no yoga class,
19.30 dinner, 21.00 welcome circle 

departure day (wednesday): no yoga class,
9.30 breakfast, check out until 11.00

all yoga equipment is available at our retreat location, as well as towels & bed linen. bring sturdy shoes or sneakers with a good grip sole for the hike & a beach/pool towel. we’ll let you know again what’s good to bring, a few days before your retreat.

check- in on thursday from 15:00, lunch snacks waiting for you // check- out on wednesday until 11:00 after breakfast

arrival & departure: group pick ups & drop offs will be organized for thursday from Málaga airport & Málaga city center. Vice versa for departure on wednesday. costs: 20€/person/way

please take a look at our faqs or send us an email. Looking forward to hearing from you.

about the place

Casa Erica is where it all begun and where we host retreats since 2014. It is a home to us, which we love to share. Peacefully located on the coast of Andalusia, between Málaga and Nerja. The beach in walking distance.

What we love most about it are the pastel sunsets, the wild beaches and the laid back Andalusian mentality. Also our dog Alpha and cat Hanuman live here. More

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