A heartfelt week

21- 27 January 2023, La Viñuela, Málaga Spain

Mountains ○ Lake View ○ Inward Journey ○ Small group ○ Transformative Experience ○ Vision for your year 2023

Life can be hectic, keeping us on a hamster wheel of thoughts and worries. On this retreat, you’re invited to break free from this state of being by opening and listening to the wisdom of your heart – out of your head, into your heart.

Each day, we’ll flow through our yoga practice, carried by inspiring musical vibrations, and sing mantras that fill us with joy. We’ll use the breath to soothe our nerves and take deep rest with Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra, creating the stillness we need to see ourselves as we really are. And we’ll use the stories and myths behind the asanas as a playful way of understanding life’s universal themes – and looking at our own situations with a fresh perspective.

This shared journey will remind you that you are part of a bigger whole and connect you to the abundant joy that comes with this experience. You’ll learn to let sadness and pain flow through you, gently widening your compassion towards yourself and others. Above all, you will discover that freedom from worry doesn’t come from controlling your outer world, but from trusting yourself in this very moment.

Fleur van Hille

People often describe me as a warm and sunny person with an intuitive approach to teaching yoga. I like hearing this description because it shows that I’ve made a real connection with my students. And if there’s one thing about yoga that I love the most and which characterizes my classes, workshops and retreats, it’s the feeling of being connected.

A retreat offers us the possibility of a truly profound experience of yoga. Surrounded by nature and among like-minded people from every corner of the world, a unique journey unfolds. Conversations open up, emotions are untapped, and discoveries are made…

In the quiet of each morning, we begin our yoga practice in stillness, taking time to anchor our awareness in the present moment through a guided breathing exercise, a meditation or visualisation. Then, drawing on the energy of the rising sun and the freshness of a brand-new day, I lead you through a vinyasa flow that is both gentle and energising.

During the dip in energy that tends to follow lunchtime, the sessions slow down, allowing for a deeper exploration of the techniques and practices encountered earlier in the day. There’s also plenty of time for sinking into a profound state of relaxation with restorative or yin yoga, or even yoga nidra (yogic sleep) – sometimes accompanied by mantras, music, or myths. 

Yoga Videos with Fleur

Fleurs website

The wholeness & stability we long for is already here, within.
Rather than trying to control a situation with your mind,
you learn to let go and trust your heart.

retreat offerings
○ 6 Nights accommodation
○ 9 Yoga Sessions
○ Vegan Food 3 times/day
○ Gentle Yoga Flows in the Mornings
○ Mediation & Mantra Singing 
○ Restorative Yoga 
○ Yoga Nidra, Myths Tellings
○ Afternoon Hike to the Stupa
○ Water, Tea & Coffee

○ flight or train to Málaga
○ airport transfer to the retreat location
○ massages, optional workshops
○ travel insurance (recommended)

from 1200€


all yoga equipment is available at our retreat location, as well as towels & bed linen. we’ll let you know what’s good to bring, a few days before your retreat.

check- in on sunday from 15:00, lunch is at 15:30 // check- out on saturday until 11:00 after breakfast

arrival & departure: group pick ups & drop offs will be organized for sunday from Málaga airport & Málaga city center. Vice versa for departure on saturday. costs: 30€/person/way

2G+ you need to have a valid vaccination or recovery certificate (valid by Cov Pass Check App). additionally we need a negative corona test (antigen or PCR) 48 hours prior to arrival via email. every guest needs to bring 5 self-tests. we ask participants during the week to take one or more tests for the groups safety.

Read more about our corona policy.

please take a look at our terms & conditions or send us an email. Looking forward to hearing from you.

a typical day

07.30 tea, coffee, fruit

08.30 meditation & yoga 

10.30 breakfast

15.00 lunch / snack

17.00 restorative yoga 

19.30 dinner

21.00 kirtan / ceremony / nidra / free 


about the place

truly magical place set in the mountains of Andalusia with view on the La Viñuela lakes. This place feels like a full retreat from the busy life. The house is build and designed in organic shapes and decorated with natural materials. It looks like the places you see in interior magazines and want to travel to!  

There is a Stupa Buddhist monument in a about 2 hours walking distance, which adds to the sacredness of the area. 

It is only a 30min. drive to the beach, so you can perfectly combine the retreat with days by the sea before or after the retreat. 

The Costa del Sol has a micro climate because it is sheltered from the northern winds by the Sierra Nevada. The sub-tropical vegetation brings us mediterranean and tropical fruits such as avocados, guavas, cherimoyas, figs or passion fruit, depending on the time of the year – enriching our retreat menu. 

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