Journey through the Elements

31 July- 6 August 2022, In Sabina Italy

We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘Be your authentic self’, but we’re rarely told how we can do this. During this week-long retreat, you’ll explore the five elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether – and how they’re used within the Science of Ayurveda (Indian medicine) and the Yogic Chakra System, to discover what the ‘truest’ version of yourself really looks like and how you can get there.

As we move through this shared journey, we’ll use asana, pranayama and meditation to manage the elements and balance the entire system – clearing the way for the free flow of ‘chi’, or ‘prana’. Morning classes, for example, will be fiery in nature, igniting the day with a dynamic vinyasa flow, whereas afternoons will take on the quality of water, inviting inward reflection and rest as we slow down with a combination of restorative or yin yoga, pranayama and meditation. Join the journey and let’s live our ‘truest’ adventure together. 

Vera is an E-RYT 500 YA certified yoga instructor & former YTT lead. Vera is specialized in Vinyasa Yoga and has additional certifications in Aerial Yoga, Yin Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation. She was born and raised in Italy, but lived for about 15 years in San Diego, CA. She has taught classes in the U.S., Europe and India. Currently she teaches yoga at numerous studios in Italy, and travels the world leading yoga workshops and 200hrs Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Vera believes that yoga is limitless in its potential to transform and heal our lives. Her intention is to create space for everyone to move with intention and awareness to the breath & body, to turn inward, to recognize the constant transformations taking place with each breathe and to connect with the strength of the heart that’s in us all. She feel blessed and grateful to be able to share the essence of Yoga’s teachings.

When not teaching, Vera loves eating avocados, reading books, watching sunsets, spending time with family and & exploring every corner of the planet.

Veras website

By using the five elements to enhance and transform your physical, energetic and emotional health, you will experience the presence, power and peace that lies within – and discover all that unites us in the process.

retreat offerings
○ 6 nights in a countryside house in Torri InSabina
○ 9 yoga sessions
○ inspiring vegan food 3 times/day
○ river experience afternoon trip
○ water, tea & coffee
○ practicing on the famous yoga deck
○ vinyasa yoga (mornings)
○ yin & restorative yoga (afternoons)

not included
○ flight or train to Rome
○ airport transfer to InSabina
○ ceramics workshop & massages
○ dinner on friday at the local pizzeria
○ travel insurance (recommended)

from 1085€


all yoga equipment is available at our retreat location, as well as towels & bed linen. we’ll let you know what’s good to bring, a few days before your retreat.

check- in on sunday from 16:00, dinner is at 19:00 // check- out on saturday until 10:00 after breakfast

arrival & departure: group pick ups & drop offs will be organised for sunday from airports Rome Fiumicino & Ciampino and from Termini Train Station. Vice versa for departure on saturday. estimated costs: 35€- 55€/person/way. individual pick up/drop off: 90€

2G+ we can only accept vaccinated or recovered guests. certificates will be checked upon arrival. additionally we need a negative corona test 48 hours prior to arrival via email. we have antigen tests on side and we might ask all participants during the week to take one or more tests for the groups safety.

Read more about our corona policy.

please take a look at our terms & conditions or send us an email. Looking forward to hearing from you.

a typical day

07.30 tea, coffee, fruit

08.30 yoga & meditation 

10.30 breakfast

reading 〰️ ceramics 〰️ pool 〰️ massage

15.00 lunch / snack

17.00 yoga & movement 

19.30 dinner



about the place

It doesn’t seem possible that In Sabina is less than an hour’s drive from the crowded streets of Rome. With lush, abundant grounds of its own, along with a natural spring and a magnificent wooden yoga platform which overlooks the valley below, this is a truly magical place that’s ideal for spiritual practice, slowing down, and plunging oneself into nature.

In a nutshell, this is a retreat for anyone who wants to switch off the ‘noise’ and truly experience the joy of being alive.
There’ll also be plenty of time to visit the area’s tiny ancient villages, join in a ceramic workshop, and simply enjoy being our truest selves among like-minded souls.  Discover the location.

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